8 January 2021

Dear Parents

My usual January newsletter normally opens with a Happy New Year and although the year has started so worryingly we must look forward to safe and happier times. Please keep an eye on the school website where we will upload any information and guidance during Lockdown under the Coronavirus tab. There will be updates on accessing Government support for internet access, free school meals and support with remote learning resources.

The Government has issued information regarding data and routers available to support pupils who are struggling to get onto the remote lessons due to not having access to the internet. Please follow the link below and send the required information to the school office https://get-help-with-tech.education.gov.uk/about-increasing-mobile-data  St Nicholas Owen central office can then register the pupils that require further support with the DfE and obtain the extra data or routers required.

We are very grateful to you as parents for your immediate engagement with our remote learning platform SEESAW. It is new for you, the children and the staff and it has been encouraging to read so many positive feedback messages. We have been inundated with children’s work and lovely messages from them. The teachers will set up regular Zoom meetings which are so important in keeping the children connected with their classmates. Thank you for the photographs sent directly via Facebook messenger or the class email, could we ask again that you also write that we have permission to share them on Facebook. Thank you.

Please remember if you have any issues with accessing remote home learning, log ons or concerns just email the class email, message staff via SEESAW or contact the school office. Staff will respond to you as quickly as possible as they are on the SEESAW platform all day. It is vital that the children continue to do this work during Lockdown.

Can I also remind you that If anyone has, at anytime, a concern regarding a child’s well being or a safeguarding  concern please email or  telephone school immediately.

In these extraordinary times yet again we are all adjusting to a way of life that is so hard to comprehend. It brings so many worries and fears but it can also be a reminder of what is most important in our lives, our families , our health and our faith.  Over the last week it has been an absolute privilege to see the kindness and generosity of spirit given by so many people of all ages.

Please remember we are only an email or a phone call away to give help or assistance.  Do not panic or stress about the children’s work, you’re doing a great job and just as in school some lessons and days will always go better than others. The important thing now is to keep well, keep safe and stay at home and we look forward to all being back together again. We must work together to keep our children, families and school as safe as possible.

God bless, with much love to all our children and families. From all the staff.


Emmaus CMAC
St Wulstan's Catholic Primary School Ofsted
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