11 March 2022

Dear Parents

Thank you to all parents and carers who attended Parents Evening either in person or remotely this week. We appreciate the time taken to complete feedback questionnaires and your extremely positive and constructive comments are very much valued. Thank you. We encourage you to look regularly at the school website and in particular under Class and Curriculum pages where you can see what your child is learning about this term with curriculum focus, Topic work and photographs of their experiences. Please remember if at any time you have concerns about any aspect of your child’s work, social or emotional issues please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or myself.


Next week our older children in Years 4 , 5 and 6 are looking forward to bell –boating on the canal. They will use their oars as a team to travel through lock system and along the canal. We hope the children will fi nd it physically demanding but also a new and exciting experience. We look forward to sharing the photographs with you next week. If you have not yet confirmed your child's attendance on this activity please see ParentPay. Thank you

As I mentioned last week Mrs Tasker leaves today for a well deserved rest before the birth of her baby. I am sure you join us in sending our love and best wishes to her. Mrs Warnett will now take up the role of Special Needs Co Ordinator (SENCo) so if you have any concerns or you are already working with Mrs Tasker to support your child please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Warnett.

Year 3 have enjoyed writing about ‘Stone Age Boy’ this week and have impressed their teachers by using prepositions and conjunctions to make their writing sparkle. In Maths, they have measured everything and everybody! Mrs Hulbert’s Shad Flag project has also inspired the children to think about the local environment and special features they can find out and about in Stourport. As a class, we have also been happy to welcome our new teacher Mrs Workman who has made a fantastic addition to our year 3 team.

On Wednesday some of our KS2 Girls took part in a festival to promote girls participation in football. Over two hundred girls from many of the schools in the Wyre Forest Sports Partnership took part in the festival. Throughout the morning, the girls participated in nine football related activities that were designed to improve the confidence, encourage them to be active and share in the positivity of girls being a part of the football scene. Our girls really enjoyed getting to know other children from other schools, developing their football skills and spending the time with their friends. It was a pleasure taking the girls to such an event and seeing them challenge themselves in such a positive environment.  

'It's been such an exciting week in Reception Class. This week was the first of their 'nature school' activities. The class had a fantastic time learning and exploring in the outdoor area. This week also saw a very exciting delivery of some caterpillars. The class have been learning all about caterpillars and keeping a very close eye on them so they will keep you updated on the changes that take place this term!'

Year 1 have had a busy week. In science we have been learning about plants and what they need to grow before planting our own sunflowers  and in music we haven’t been learning about the different notes and how to change tone, using boom whackers to play along to songs. 

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Please do not hesitate to contact either your child's teacher or myself if you have any concerns or worries about your child at any time.

KE Savage


Emmaus CMAC
St Wulstan's Catholic Primary School Ofsted
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