14 January 2022

Dear Parents and Carers

We hope everyone has had a good week and is keeping well.

Sadly, as you know we had to cancel Party Day at the end of last term due to the number of Covid cases. However, we promised to  reschedule the party for St Wulstan's Day, this coming Wednesday, 19 January so no child would miss out. Fr Christmas ensured the children's presents were kept safe for Party Day. So this Wednesday the children can wear their party clothes and we will have our traditional lunch of sausage and chips and party games in the afternoon. No child needs to bring or order lunch on Wednesday. We are sure it will be a lovely day for everyone.

On Thursday 17 February our Year 5 children will be performing at Birmingham Town Hall along with children from Hagley Catholic High School and its feeder schools. This will be the 12th annual concert at the Town Hall and they have been absolutely fantastic in previous years and this year’s concert I am sure will be equally good.  Tickets for this concert are now available and can be ordered on ParentPay. A letter regarding a coach for parents on the evening has been sent out this week. 

Several children were unable to participate in their timetabled Games lesson this week as they had not brought their PE/Games kit to school. Please ensure their kit is in school. As it is cold we encourage the children to bring tracksuits or jogging bottoms and sweatshirt for outdoor KS2 Games lessons. Trainers/football boots are also required as pumps are not suitable for outdoor winter games. Thank you.

It has been a busy week in school with Topic work getting off with a flying start. 

Year 1 had an exciting start to the week with a visit to the planetarium. They learnt all about the planets, where they are and what it is like on their surface. They gazed at the stars and heard the stories  about how some of them got their names.

In Science this week, the Y6 pupils experienced a heart dissection. Mrs Freitas was very brave and dissected a pig's heart (as this is the closest to a human heart) with the pupils. It was a memorable science lesson with all children learning something new as you can see from their comments. They loved seeing all the blood clots found inside the hearts!

"I now know how many chambers the heart has,"    Mia

"I can see which chambers carry oxygenated and deoxygenated blood,"     Noah

"The left side of the heart has a thicker wall because it has to pump the blood all the way around the body."    Harrie

"The heart is the size of my fist.” Charlie

"I'm glad I've seen a real heart as it doesn't look anything like the diagrams."     Laila

We hope you enjoy te pictures below, which illustrate the children's enthusiasm for their science learning. Well done Year 6!

A message from Year 5 

Year 5 started the week with a very exciting and interesting experience. We were able to explore space from our very own school hall due to an inflatable planetarium! We found out about our solar system and the planets within it, discussed night and day and the seasons and explored how and why these happened. We also looked at beautiful constellations and were challenged to go and find these in the night sky! It was a memorable and enjoyable experience and it was an amazing way to start our Stargazers topic. 

A reminder that Wednesday 2 February is an INSET Day for all Emmaus MAC staff training so school is closed for the children. Thank you.

Please remember if you have any concerns about your child, academic. emotional or social please do not hesitate to contact us via office email, class email, telephone or speak to me on the school gate so we can address any concerns, 

We hope everyone has a good weekend.

KE Savage


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