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Road Trip USA!

Buckle up, sunglasses on - we're going on a road trip across the good old US of A!

Tickets please! Any tickets please!

We located 14 US states on the school playground and matched them to their Native American names. Once collected, the children used maps of the USA to locaate the states and find some of the geographical features found at these states.

Weather Systems and Patterns

The children looked at maps and weather data to understand seasonal weather changes through American states. They compared types of weather and weather patterns to understand the impact changing weather had on Native American tribes in the past and the impact it continues to have on human lives today. 


We the checked out the magnificent lights from Times Square. We learnt about the different components of simple circuits and the function that they have. We used bulbs, switches and buzzers to create a light display in class. We predicted and investigated different circuits and used scientific vocabulary to describe our findings. 

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

Blue Abyss

Grab your wetsuit! We're going deep into an underwater world of incredible coral and mysterious sea creatures. 

World Book Day 2020

As part of our World Book Day 2020 experience, we visited the local library at the Civic Centre, Stourport. Children were able to explore the library's content and find books or texts that linked to our 'Blue Abyss' topic.

Bell Boating

As part of our PE target of engaging more children in being active and developing key PE skills, we were very fortunate to experience bell boating on the canal system in Stourport. Andy Train, our very enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor, taught us the basic skills to manoeuvre the bell boats around the canal system, as well as focussing on the importance of caring for our local environment by reducing rubbish and pollution in our local waterways.


Welcome to the wonderful world of magical potions. But, beware! There are some powerful potions out there that can be dangerous, unpredictable and have powerful consequences on those who try them. Let's explore the materials they are made from and their properties, understanding their uses in stories and in our daily lives. 


We investigated how liquids behave and compared their behaviour traits by measuring and recording the time it took them to travel along a surface. We looked at fair testing, using our observation skills to describe what was happening and then comparing our findings through analysing graphs. 

We observed the changing states of materials when they are heated or cooled. We developed our understanding of temperatures and the changing states of water as it moves towards or away from certain temperature ranges. We know have an increased understanding of how temperature effects materials and recongise that some materials are able to go through reversible changes, while other materials go through irreversible changes. 


We had great fun trying out and wearing surgical equipment from modern surgery. Once the children recongised what each piece of equipment was used for, we compared it with surgical equipment from the past. Using various historical sources and accounts, we began to understand the advancements in surgical procedures and the impact it had on the patients. William Morton was a key figure we focused on and we really enjoyed looking at some accounts from him and his patients.

Professor McGinty

We had a fabulous morning spending time with Professor Mcginty. We stepped aboard his marvellous time travelling maching and immersed ourselves in Viking history. Through Professor McGinty's enthusiasm and fantastic subject knowledge, we learnt so much about a subject we are going to be working on in a few months time. 

We looked at different types of information pages and discussed some of the features that are common in each of them. We then planned and created our own information posters sharing what we have learnt about the USA and organisational devices.

Having planned and recorded what we had learnt over the duration of the topic, we then had to share our posters and present them confidently to the other classes in the school.


We have really enjoyed making Native American dreamcatchers. The traditional dreamcatchers were made to protect people from negative dreams. Positive dreams were said to pass through the hole in the centre of the dreamcatcher and slide down the feathers to the sleeping person. Negative dreams get caught up in the web and disappear when hit by the first rays of sunshine. 

Road Safety

In order to become more responsible and aware of how to behave when crossing roads, Year 4 took part in a road safety awareness course.

We looked at key skills and behaviours that should be performed when crossing the roads and then got tested on performing these skills independently.

It is now our responsibilty to share this knowledge with family and friends, making everybody more aware and safer when crossing the roads.


As part of our continued links with the Wyre Forest Sports Partnership, Year 4 has taken part in the latest tag rugby and cross country competitions. We are looking forward to future sporting events.

Part of our physical development in invasion games this year, we are looking to improve our communication skills, learn basic rules and tactics in small sided games, along with observing and evaluating our performances. We developed all of these skills during our tag rugby sessions, with some of us successfully representing our school at the Wyre Forest Sports Paternership Tag Rugby Competiton.

In athletics we need to develop our strength, flexibility and athletic techniques to help improve our fitness over increased lengths of time and in different events. We all enjoyed taking part in the Wyre Forest Schhools Sports Parternship Cross Country Competiton over Memorial Park and it improved our understanding of adhering to rules and positive behaviour expectations while competing against others. 

Bishops Wood

On Friday 24 May, we had our class trip to Bishops Wood. The children had opportunities to learn about, particpate in and explore the history of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We learnt about many aspects of their everyday lives.

We were greeted by Helda, an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Saxon, who led a day of adventure and learning. The children were able to view and ask questions about a reconstructed Viking long boat and a Saxon dwelling, along with testing their skills at weaving wool, brooch and clay pot making and shelter building.

A fabulous day was had by all and we thank the representatives from Bishops Wood for making the day such an interesting and enjoyable one!

Class Worship

Every Thursday morning, the children take it turns to plan and lead a class worship which is linked to the virtues and values for the term. The year began with the virtue and value 'Compassionate and Loving'. Our second virtue and value focus of the term was 'Faith-filled and Hopeful'. 

The aim of the class worships are to develop our understanding of scripture readings and prayers that link to the virtue and values. The children need to explain to there peers why they have chosen the prayers and scripture readings, along with encouraging participation in open and collective prayer.  


This week Year 4 have been concentrating on the Jewish holy day of 'Shabbat' or' Sabbath'. The aim of our week is to develop our understanding of another faith from around the world and compare it to our own Christian faith. 

We have built on our previous understanding of the Creation story and Abraham, which was the focus of the first unit of work in our Religous Education lessons at the start of the year. 

We will look at artefacts and customs associated with the Shabbat and aim to develop a wider understanding of the day and why it is so important to the Jewish faith. In our music lesson with Mrs Mallinson, we will also learn the traditional songs 'Mayim Mayim' and 'Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem'. We will perform the songs in groups and as a whole class. 

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