Dear Parents                                                                                            8 October 2021

A reminder that the application window for Reception Class 2022 is now open. We are delighted to be holding our Open Afternoon tomorrow,  Saturday 9 October 2.00-4.00pm. There will be exciting craft activities for the children and a chance to chat informally with staff over tea and cake for parents as well as a tour of our lovely school. If anyone is unable to attend our Open Day or would like to visit school during a normal school day individual visits are available by arrangement.   As I have said before there can be a misconception that only Catholic children can apply to our school. We welcome applications from all families of all or no faith. If you know of any families who are presently applying for a school place please encourage them to attend our Open Day or contact me to arrange a visit to the school. Applications for Reception Class 2022 must be completed online by 15 January 2022.

If you have any queries regarding application please do not hesitate to speak to us or email or telephone 01299 877808

Last week the Year 6 pupils were invited to a Sport’s afternoon at Hagley Catholic High School. They ran  a ‘come and play’ event where all pupils were actively involved in Football, Netball, Basketball or Trampolining. All pupils had great fun and enjoyed their sporty afternoon. We would like to thank the organisers at Hagley for organising a delightful MAC Sports Day.


I am pleased to say that Carol. our 'Lollipop' lady is returning to post on Monday. I am sure you have all missed her both for her role in keeping the children safe and also for her friendliness and kindness to all our families. Can I remind everyone again please about the importance of parking both safely and considerately outside school. I have had correspondence from a local resident regarding dangerous parking and rude behaviour at Field End. Please be respectful to our neighbours as members of our school community; it reflects very badly on us.

Parents’ Evening will take place on Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 November and will provide an opportunity for parents to have a discussion with their child’s teacher about progress and attainment. As a result of your feedback last term we will have a blended approach of one evening traditional face to face meeting in school and one evening of an online remote meeting as we used in March. Parents can then make the decision to book which ever system they personally prefer. Booking details will be published  next  week .

This coming Monday, 11 October,our school photographer will be in school to take individual photographs of every child. We will ensure photographs with siblings are also taken. We would ask that the children wear winter uniform of white shirt /blouse and tie . We are pleased to say this year we will be able to include pre school siblings for photographs between 8.40 and 9.10 am

Though it is hard to believe, it will not be long before half term break will soon be upon us. After half term all children will all need to wear full winter uniform. This consists of white shirt and tie and trousers for the boys( Red polo shirts are only for summer). The girls winter uniform is white blouse and tie and grey skirt or pinafore. All shoes must be black school shoes and no trainers. Again we remind you that extreme haircuts and dyed hair are not acceptable. Several parents have asked what is the permitted cut and we request a Grade 3 is the shortest. Several children have had extreme haircuts recently and once grown out we request that you adhere to our uniform policy. Thank you for your support and to the many parents who double check with me before taking their child to the hairdressers.

We are delighted to say that we will be holding our annual autumn disco for the children on Thursday 21 October 6.00-7.30pm. It will be a Fancy Dress Disco open to all St Wulstan's pupils, £2 entry or £ 5 for siblings. To  maintain COVID safe we will sell packets of sweets and drinks at 50p each but not hot dogs this year. I am sure the children will be delighted to have a return of this treat after so long!

We are also restarting our half termly Cake Sale for the children at playtime,. We know they have definitely missed tis one! We would be very grateful for donations from Year 5 and Year 6 parents for the sale on Tuesday 19 October which we will sell at 50p each. Please only prepacked cakes to again minimise risk. Thank you in anticipation.

One of our mums has asked us to highlight a morning activity tomorrow at Harvington Hall. We know many of you will be attending Hagley Open morning but if you are free then it looks an exciting chance to learn more about our local history. The link is below.

Recently we announced our new Minnie Vinnie team of Year4 and 5 children. The Team have compiled their first newsletter which you can read below. Well done children we look forward to hearing of all your plans for the year

We have also attached a link to this week's Wednesday Word. You may remember these were sent home with the children but are now published on line. They are lovely activities and very child and family orientated. We hope you enjoy sharing them together.

Wishing you a lovely weekend with your families.

KE Savage


Emmaus CMAC
St Wulstan's Catholic Primary School Ofsted
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