13 January 2023

Dear Parents and Carers

We hope everyone has had a good week and settled back now into the normal routines.

Next Thursday 19 January is the Feast day of St Wulstan, our parish and school saint. We would like to celebrate the day as a non uniform day when the children can choose to wear their own clothes. We would ask for a £1 donation which we will forward to a worthy charity of the children's choice. On Thursday we will have a more relaxed day after Assembly with work focused on St Wulstan and an afternoon of art/craft activities. On Friday morning Fr Richard will come into school to celebrate a whole school St Wulstan's Mass at 9.15 am and to which all parents, carers and friends are invited. Please join us for tea an coffee afterwards. We look forward to seeing you.

This term we have welcomed a new member of staff to our team. Mrs C Davies is our new School Business Manager replacing Mrs Beese who we warmly congratulate on her promotion to Senior Business Manager within our Emmaus MAC. Mrs Davies will be sharing the main office on Mondays and Tuesdays with Mrs Brown so will become a familiar face to all our children and parents. I am sure everyone will welcome her warmly.

As many of our families know pre COVID our PTA worked tirelessly to organise lovely community events for our children and families eg discos, quizzes, fayres etc. This was a vital part of school life both in terms of community and fundraising. Due to restrictions it needed to be 'rested'.

We wish now to relaunch our PTA and bring back those events as well as new ideas and opportunities. We totally understand people's lives are busy and there is concern over committing to a role. Initially we would just like to host a coffee and cake meeting to talk through what a renewed PTA/Friends of St Wulstan's could look like. What do parents and carers want from this ? What can be offered ?  Do we rename?  etc. It would initially be more of a fact finding and sharing of ideas opportunity with a coffee and chat. As such Mrs Warnett and I would like to host a meeting on Thursday 26 January at 9.15am in school straight after drop off. Please be assured no pressure will be put on anyone to commit to anything, its for your ideas and support. Please come even if you have no ideas but just want to be part !!! If you are working or unable to attend just please let me know and we can ensure you are updated. It is a real opportunity to create something new and exciting. 

This week Year 5 have started their new roles as trainee recruits at NASA. As their first task, the recruits were challenged with finding out about the history of NASA and producing information that could be displayed on the NASA website to educate future recruits. We have also started investigating our own Solar System, finding out about the planets within it, and recognising that even though in the past people have believed that the Earth was flat, as scientists we studied a range of evidence to understand that the Earth is in fact spherical.   Not only have Year 5 been working on building their knowledge and minds, they have been working hard to strengthen their bodies too during our gymnastic sessions. Children revisited their previous PE learning by thinking about ‘points and patches’ and then used this knowledge to create challenging balances. Children then worked with a partner to teach each other their balance and mirror each other.

This week Reception and Year 1 had their first Outdoor Learning session. The children absolutely loved being in the Outdoor Learning area and discovering things in this new environment. We were lucky that the rain stopped as we had lots of time to explore! The children learnt how to get into the firepit seating safely and we had Storytime around a pretend fire. They were brilliant at remembering the safety rules and could remind each other how to carry sticks and move about safely. We are really looking forward to next week’s session where we will be using nature to create some artwork!

Sacramental Preparation for our Year 3 will commence this term with Mrs Warnett. The children will receive both the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion this year. Mrs Warnett will be in contact shortly but please make a note of the dates. First Reconciliation will take place on Saturday 4 March at 10.45am and First Holy Communion will be on Sunday11 June at 10.00am Mass. Mrs Warnett will be holding two parents meetings, Wednesday 25 January at 4.00pm in the Year 3 classroom and on Wedenesday 26 April also at 4.00pm. It is important that at least one parent attends these two meetings. 

Mrs Freitas will prepare our Year 6 Confirmandi for their Confirmation by Bishop David on Tuesday 27 June at 7.00pm. Further information will be shared at a meeting on We3ednesday 19 April at 4.00pm in the Year 6 classroom. Again , it is important that at least one parent attends this meeting. Thank you for your support and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact either myself, Mrs Warnett or Mrs Freitas.

Nasal Flu Vaccine - The Flu vaccination team are re-visiting school on Wednesday 18 January. If your child did not receive the nasal flu vaccine, when the team visited school in November, you can register for them to have it in school on 18/1/23 following this link: https://midlands.schoolvaccination.uk/flu/2022/worcestershire

The team also have a clinic running on Saturday 21st January 2023 between 9-1pm in Kidderminster for those that have missed the flu nasal spray vaccination. This is by appointment only and if parents wish to book , they can do so by contacting the team office on 01527 390030. 

As you are aware reading regularly is key to children's progress in all aspects of their learning. We have always been fortunate at St Wulstan's to have extra support from parent volunteers who come in one afternoon a week to listen to children read. Sadly, due to COVID this was suspended to reduce risk. However, we would very much like to re introduce this support and appeal to anyone, parent, carer or grandparent who feel they could give a an hour or two a week to listen to children read. Support and guidance will be provided and any offers of help would be greatly appreciated. If you can support please speak to either myself, your child's teacher or the school office. Thank you.

A reminder to all Year 5 families that tickets for the Emmaus Pyramid Concert in February are now on sale. The concert, this year held at Birmingham Symphony Hall, is a fabulous very memorable event. The Year 5 children are working so hard with Mr Mallinson from Hagley High School to ensure they perform to the very best of their ability. Tickets can be purchased via ParentPay at £5.00 per ticket. There will also be a DVD of the evening , again to order on ParentPay at £5.00. Any queries please do not hesitate to contact either Miss Mc Gowan or the school office.

Year 2 are really enjoying their new topic on Castles. In History, they have been finding out who built the first castles in the UK and why. They have looked at the Norman invasion in 1066 and the children have created a timeline of the events studying the drawings on the Bayeux Tapestry to support them.

This week Year 3 have started their new class text, ‘The Iron Man’. The children are really enjoying the story so far and have begun to write a diary entry based on characters from the book. They have also started to think about a design criteria for their new design and technology topic which is based on creating their own Iron Man toy. In PE, they are working on creating a sequence of moves using different spins on points and patches. The children have had a fantastic week and are all working really hard. Well done Year 3!

 This week, Year 4 have settled back into routines after Christmas and are looking forward to this half term’s theme which will focus on ‘Energy’. The children enjoyed their first French lesson this week and started to learn words linked to ‘Le Habitats’. In music, the children made compositions using our ICT programme Purple Mash and look forward to building their musical knowledge and understanding of notation this half term.

This week, Year 6 pupils have been working on their gymnastics skills using group sequencing. They had to work in a group of 4 and create a sequence where starting and finishing points were clearly defined. The aim was to perform routines and a range of skills seamlessly.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend from all the staff

KE Savage


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