Friday 18 September 2020


Dear Parent

Having finished our second full week at school, it is lovely to see how quickly the children have settled in to school life again. Reception Class have made an excellent start to their time at St Wulstan’s and they should be very proud of the way they have come into school confidently and happily. I am sure though, they will sleep well this weekend!

Yesterday morning was a reminder that doing normal things ’differently’ can also be more fun. Every September a key school event, especially for Year 6, is the election of our House and Sports captains. Presentations and voting have always taken place in classroom with a gathering of mixed age groups which obviously we are presently unable to do so we held an outdoor gathering in the sunshine. The younger children were all able to sit within their Bubbles on the playground as the Year 6 candidates presented their speeches from the grassy bank. The speeches were possibly the best we had ever heard and there was great camaraderie and support from all the Year 6 children. Voting and presentations were then made to excited applause from all the younger children. With staggered playtimes and arrivals and our class Bubbles it was the first time we had all been together, be it in our Bubbles, and it was lovely. Things may be different but they can still be memorable and exciting. Congratulations to all our Year 6 children who wrote such excellent speeches.

When discussing reading this week it became apparent that, although most are reading regularly, some children are not reading nightly or regularly to an adult. It is vital that children read every night in order to practise their reading skills and develop their comprehension through discussion about the story. A few pages every night makes such a difference to a child’s progress. If anyone has worries or concerns about managing home reading or a child reluctant to read at home please email their class teacher or Mrs Tasker, English lead, who will support you with strategies to overcome any issues. Thank you.

We are delighted to hear that Carol our ‘Lollipop‘ school crossing lady is returning to her role shortly. In line with health and safety regarding Covid 19 she has asked that we highlight some new procedures. Parents and children must not step off the pavement until she is in the middle of the road and she indicates for you to cross. Also to minimize contact Carol will not be able to engage in conversation with you. This is sad as it is a massive part of her role and her character but we know you will understand the need to support her in the current situation. A smile and a wave can often say as much as words.

Applications for Reception Class 2021 have now opened must be completed online by 15 January 2021. As I have said before there can be a misconception that only Catholic children can apply to our school. We welcome applications from all families of all or no faith. If you know of any families who are presently applying for a school place please encourage them to contact me. Again, if you have any queries regarding applying please do not hesitate to speak to us.

On Monday 19 October we will have our annual visit from Tempest photographers to take individual children’s school photographs. We have received a risk assessment from Tempest which is compatible with our own Risk Assessment. Due to limiting the number of people coming into the school building unfortunately we will not be able to include pre school siblings as we have in the past but we are pleased this annual tradition can take place. We will ensure photographs with siblings are also taken. We would ask that the children wear winter uniform of white shirt /blouse and tie For the photographs.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us by adhering to the arrival and departure time slots.  This has enabled us to welcome and dismiss the children calmly and safely. It is a very complex operation to manage and we do need everyone to continue to be so supportive. Can I remind parents that children must be accompanied down to school by an adult to ensure the children socially distance on the pathway and do not mix with other Bubbles as they arrive. Many thanks to everyone.

As is no doubt to be expected, several children have picked up coughs and colds already. Parents have been totally sensible and vigilant, contacting school and wondering what best to do. Please ensure you read the Government’s guidance ‘Covid 19 stay at home guidance ‘updated the 10 September , a copy can be found on the school website.

A reminder also please the children can only use school water bottles for their classroom water. Several children have brought in different style bottles which have leaked not only on their work but other children’s work. School water bottles can be purchased from the school office at £2.00. Thank you for your support.

If at any time you have any concerns at all about your child, be they educational, social or emotional, please do not hesitate to contact their class teacher or myself.

I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend

K E Savage

Congratulations Year 6!

Reception Class have had a lovely week exploring their new school

Year 1 enjoying their nature walk as part of their topic 'Splendid Skies'

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