Dear Parents and Carers

Year 6 children have been working very hard preparing for their SATs tests which begin on this Monday 9 May. It is very important that all Year 6 children are in school for these tests as the results of these tests are used by the High Schools when they are putting children into sets for Year 7. As we have done in previous years the children are invited to arrive at school early for the four days of testing to join their classmates for a breakfast of toast and fruit juice at 8.30am each morning.

We are extremely proud of our Year 6 children. They have been so diligent and mature. We know they will all try their very best and achieve their full potential in these assessments. Good luck children.


Parents of children who are due to start in Reception Class in September will now be receiving offers of places. It looks at the moment as if we may have some spare places in our Reception so I would encourage you to let anyone you know who has a child about to start school, and who may not have been offered their first choice, to contact us and come and have a look at our lovely school.

Summer has truly arrived when the daily sale of jubblies and ice pops begins! From Monday 9 May the children will be able to purchase them at lunchtime at a cost of 20p per ice pop or 30p for a jubbly. KS1 parents may find it easier to pop their child's money in an envelope marking on their name and which day/s they wish to buy and send it in at the beginning of each week. There was great excitement amongst the children when this was announced after two years of delay!

After having to put on hold for the last two years we are delighted to say we have booked our traditional whole school end of year trip for 17 June 2022. This year we are off to Twycross Zoo for the day, please see a letter in your child's book bag with further details. As always we welcome parents and carers to accompany us so there is a slip to return purely for helpers to register at this point. We are all very excited at the return of one of our memorable school events. 

We are sure everyone is very sad to hear that Carol our 'Lollipop lady' is retiring this week. Carol has taken great care of our children for many years and has so generously bought them sweets at Christmas and end of year. She will be greatly missed by everyone in our community. Carol passed on her thanks to all our families and loved the flowers from the children of St Wulstan's.

We are presently awaiting confirmation of Carol's successor and we will inform you as soon as we have more information.

A reminder that Friday 27 May 2022 is an INSET day when staff only are in school for training. Further to this the MAC INSET day originally booked for 23 June was moved to February so all children and staff are in that day. We are presently awaiting confirmation of MAC term dates and INSET days for 2022-2023 and we will notify you of these as soon as possible.

As part of Year 4’s topic ‘Traders and Raiders’ the children have been reading the book ‘Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo’. Beowulf is an Old English heroic poem about a Scandanavian hero that battles three monsters that have wreaked havoc amongst towns and villages.  This week, the children have challenged themselves by reading sections of the story aloud in class and unpicked some of the interesting descriptive words and phrases that are used in the poem to describe the first monster, Grendel. They will then try to use lots of this interesting vocabulary in their writing and will start planning next week.

Year 5 have worked incredibly hard this week and have shown a really mature and enthusiastic approach to their learning. They have also been finding out more about the spread of the plague by studying art from the time. It was also lovely to be able to have our class worship outside. Well done for leading a lovely worship Evie and Conor.  

Reception class have enjoyed having the lovely weather and being able to get outside for their PE lessons. This half term they are concentrating on jumping skills. The class spent time practising jumping forwards, backwards, sideways and even showed off their hopscotch skills. Well done Reception class!

Year 1 are continuing to work so hard with their reading. Well done children!

Congratulations to this week's Pupil of the Week and Discipleship award winners!

Please remember if you ever have any concerns regarding your child, academic, social or emotional please speak to me or any member of the teaching staff so we can work together to solve them.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

KE Savage


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