Dear Parents and Carers

We hope everyone has had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend. It has been a particularly busy but very enjoyable week in school.

On Thursday, the Year 4, 5 and 6 children had the opportunity to take part in a bellboating session on the canal in Stourport. This was a continuation of our school's approach to increase the number of opportunities our children receive to explore what their local area has to offer.  The children and adults had to navigate their way through a lock and along the canal towards Kidderminster in teams of ten and twelve, before turning the boats around to head back to Stourport. Teamwork, resilience and coordination where just some of the skills that the children were developing to successfully complete the session. Under the guidance of Andy Train an experienced guide, the children also discussed the historical development of the canal system. The whole experience of seeing our town from a different viewpoint and travelling on the water filled both the children and adults with enthusiasm and positivity, once they had fully recovered from the tiring sessions that they had taken part in! Thank you to all the parents and carers who accompanied the children and staff, its greatly appreciated. 

We had a wonderful start to the day on Tuesday by welcoming our families in to the classrooms to share a poem with the children. There was a lovely buzz around the school as everyone chatted about their poems and enjoyed a breakfast pastry. Afterwards, Mrs Tasker ran a reading workshop on sharing a text with a child. You will have received an email inviting you to complete a short survey on this reading event, whether you attended or not. Thank you so much to those who have already responded. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we plan future events. 

As I said a few weeks ago, so much of the learning in Early Years is through play, exploration, physical and social development both inside and outside of the classroom. For many years our EYFS team have been creative in developing some wonderful outside learning experiences for the children but as ever funds are limited. We were absolutely overwhelmed last year to be told that a much loved recently deceased parishioner, Joan Barker, had bequeathed us a large sum of money. The monies were to be spent on our very youngest children to enhance their learning and enjoyment. After much research, planning and deliberation we have planned a new EYFS outdoor area to include all aspects of the children's learning. If you have entered school through the main office you will have seen the progress of the EYFS development this week. We are nearly there!

This afternoon our Mini Vinnies hosted our Mothering Sunday afternoon of 'Tea and cake'. It was exciting for the children to welcome their mothers, grandmothers, carers and mother figures into school and share that special time together. There was a lovely atmosphere in the school and it was evident that everyone had a relaxed and happy time. Our thanks to the Mini Vinnies who organised the event and did such a wonderful job of serving, to Mrs Freitas for her planning and Mrs Brown for her ticket sales! All profits will be sent to a charity of the Mini Vinnies choosing. Well done children!

This season of Lent, the Year 6 children have been learning about poverty and how as disciples of Christ we try to help the poorest communities around the world. The children have chosen to donate chocolate eggs to fundraise to help fight poverty. They have created two hampers:

  • Guess the name of the bunny for key stage 1.
  • Guess the number of chocolates for key stage 2.

All children can bring in 50p to take part. All money raised will be sent to a charity that fights poverty in the UK and across the globe. The charity will be chosen by the Year 6 pupils.

On Tuesday, we had a very special delivery into our Year 1 classroom. The children were brilliant at helping to set up a space for the incubator and pen to go for our ducklings! Three little ducklings hatched late on Wednesday and the children of Reception and Year 1 were lucky enough to witness our fourth duckling hatch during the day. The children have been brilliant at caring for the ducklings, creating safety posters to inform others about how to look after them. The children of Year 1 have been learning lots of facts about ducks, writing fact files, labelling features of a duck and knowing the life cycle of ducks. The EYFS/KS1 team are so proud of how sensible the children have been when they've been able to hold them even when it is so exciting! After lots of consideration, the Year 1 children had a democratic vote for their names. We are delighted to announce the ducklings are called: Eggs, Jumpy, Flappy and Flash! 

Thank you to all our families who have joined us for Class Masses over the last few weeks. Today Mass was celebrated in Year 4 and as ever the children read and prayed with great reverence and dignity. We will be planning our Summer Term Class Masses shortly and the dates will be included on the calendar on the school website. We welcome everyone to join us, catholic, non catholic, wider family and friends and parishioners. All are welcome.

As we continue on our journey through Lent please remember all our children in your prayers. Our Year 3 children who recently received their Reconciliation are now preparing for their First Holy Communion on Sunday 10 June at 10am. Our Year 6 children will be receiving their Rite of Confirmation on Tuesday 27 June 7.30pm. Please pray for them.

A reminder that the Year 6 Alton Castle Retreat Residential takes place on Wednesday 28 June to Friday 30 June. A deposit of £25 is requested by Friday 24 March. We need to know confirmed numbers by the end of that date. If numbers are too low the trip may not be viable due to increased cost to parents. Please sign up through ParentPay. Many thanks.

As many of you will be aware traditionally Year 5 go to Manor Adventure every September for a weekend residential of outdoor activities. There will be an information meeting on Thursday 23 March at 3.35 pm for parents and carers of children presently in Year 4. This is always an exciting and memorable trip for the children and we look forward to seeing you at the meeting. A reminder will be sent but please make a note in your diaries.

On Monday 27 March our Tempest photographer will be in school to take whole class photographs. Please send your child in winter uniform that day- white shirt, school tie and grey skirt or trousers. Thank you

This coming week our U9 and U11 netball teams are participating in the Worcestershire CTA tournament. Seeing the children play so well at the netball league on Monday we have high hopes of a successful day. Thank you to Mrs Hannah Thomas and Mrs Alison Thomas who have given their time to coach the children in after school club, at the Wednesday night league and will be at the tournament on Thursday. Good luck everyone!

As many of you are aware our Vice Principal Mrs Warnett works four days that is 0.8. I am delighted to say that from next week Mrs Freitas will be working with Mrs Warnett as Interim Vice Principal 0.2 for the summer term. I would like to both extend our congratulations and also to thank both colleagues for the tremendous work they do to ensure the school continues to flourish and grow to provide the best opportunities for our children.


Please remember if you ever have any concerns regarding your child, academic, social or emotional please speak to me or any member of the teaching staff so we can work together to solve them. If you are unable to see me at school or wish to arrange a meeting please contact me via email at or telephone 01299 877808.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and a restful Mothering Sunday


KE Savage


Poetry and Pastry morning

Bell Boating on the canal

Our new family!

This week's Pupil of the Week and Discipleship Award winners

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